A company doing its best, a company having a dream which will be with you forever,

It is KISCO Holdings.

CEO Greeting

CEO Greeting


CompanyCEO Greeting

Thank you for your ceaseless encouragement
and attention to KISCO Holdings

KISCO Holdings switched to a new holding company system through corporate division
with KISCO to secure the global competitiveness on Sep. 2008.
KISCO Holdings has confidence that is able to reinforce the competitiveness of company by taking charge of its own investments and support efforts and by making the subsidiaries such as KISCO, Hwanyoung Steel Ind and Daeheung Industries focused on strengthening the core competence in the business sector and raising the overall value of company.

KISCO Holdings has devoted all its endeavors towards deepening and enriching a human by developing and producing steel for over nearly six decades. With continued changes and efforts, we have upgraded the value of steel products.
We promise that we would keep moving forward to become a global leader by penetrating into new markets in addition to steel business through continued R&Ds and investments.

We will fulfil our promise in managing the customer satisfaction with a high quality product and service by choosing the correct and honest means based on the corporate philosophy of KISCO Holdings that puts greater importance on human dignity and cultural development even in the rugged way where others are reluctant to go.

In addition, we will make every effort to make the customer moved and happy beyond the customer satisfaction by devoting all our energy to improve the quality based on continuous nurturing talent and technology innovation.

Customers always share our joys and sorrows in the path KISCO Holdings has followed. We always would like to extend our appreciation to the customers for supporting with us and will make continuous efforts to do something for customers' favor. 

CEO Lee Byungje