A company doing its best, a company having a dream which will be with you forever,

It is KISCO Holdings.

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy


CompanyManagement Philosophy

KISCO Holdings will develop into a better company based
on the management philosophy.

  • WE

    Produce goods and services necessary for
    improvement of human life and contribute to
    development of culture. In order to achieve such
    objects, we make a decision by opinions of all
    staffs and employees and intelligence of the
    times as the times may change.

  • WE

    Make produce goods and services, we try to
    educate an employee who may produce such
    good or services. We make it a rule to give an
    equal opportunity to all employees and let them
    try to make efforts equally. In addition, we make
    an effort to raise an employee to be competent
    and try to employee on an equal condition.

  • WE

    Try to make our goods and services in best
    quality and at a low price with perfect service.
    So, company's aim is not to make profits but to
    take compensation for the result of our efforts.
    Profits, large or small, can be made by cost,
    quality status and goods or bad service, which
    may be measured by our efforts.

  • WE

    With keeping pace with times, we try to improve
    all systems and to be leader of new technology
    innovation. We respect good tradition and habits
    but do not hesitate to innovate and improve for
    progress. However, as an excessive competition
    is a way to destruction, cooperation in and with
    companies is important.


    Should be made by all intelligence and compensation for its results should be distributed to
    employees equally and further, should be given back to the society. Consciousness of responsibility
    of administration should be classified to upper and lower classes firmly and finally. Superior offices
    should take the responsibility firmly.